Intimate Portrait Photographer

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So who is Randy Rich? I thought my mom was pretty original. Growing up I was the only Randy Rich anyone knew of and was tortured for it. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked, “ is Richie Rich your brother”, I would be Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous rich (remember that show? We would dust off Robin Leach and I would have an episode of my very own, complete with champagne wishes and caviar dreams).

Fast forward to the present day and Google my name and you will find that I’m many different people, mostly male. The list is pretty impressive, I’m a NFL Football Player, a Judge, a Doctor, and a Singer. According to the latest Google search I am now a Photographer, I always knew there was room for one more Randy Rich in that search engine.

Who am I really you ask? Well to start I’m 100% female I can assure you of that. It is my full name and not short for anything, I get asked that a lot too. So I often respond that its short for Ran-dalina and some people actually buy it. The USPS often refers to me as Mr. Randall Rich, awesome, that mail goes directly into the garbage. And when in London I go by my middle name "Beth" lets just say I learned the hard way with that one back in the day.

Seriously though, as long as I can remember I've loved looking at and taking pictures. My first job was in a photo store! I'm pretty sure the chemicals killed most of my brain cells but who needs those right? My background is diverse, modeling for Ford and Wilhelmina, working in TV production for Cablevision and CNBC-TV, and most recently owning my own business. And throughout the years I have stoked my passion for photography by taking classes and workshops.

But enough about me its you I want to talk about and take pretty pictures of. So call me, email me, even Google me, this Randy Rich wants to be a part of your life and capture your special moments..